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Case Study- How SEO Transformed A manufacturing Company

Case Study- How SEO Transformed A manufacturing Company

A case study of how seo boosted the traffic of a manufacturing company, leading to a total transformation in their customer base.

Every day, Google receives more than 500 million searches. SEO is not something you should disregard. The power of SEO lies in its ability to respond at precisely the right time — when consumers are actively seeking for a product like yours. The internet has trillions of pages. We utilize a search engine like Google to discover acceptable information on the internet. We’ve found that Google performs a good job of providing us with the most relevant results. Search engines assist users in finding the information they sought in the first place. Not only can SEO strategy boost your presence online, it also enables you convert the visitors on your site to prospective consumers.

Here is an inspiring and motivating case study that tells us the success story of Belden Brick Company.


Case study

This case study was undertaken for the Belden Brick Company, situated near Canton, Ohio. This firm distributes its goods mostly via distributors, and consequently its website contains numerous pages given the enormous product inventory.

They went with TKG SEO, an SEO firm that has a strong track record in the industry. The difficulty at hand was how to upgrade the current website and make it operate better for customers. Due to the magnitude of the site, maintaining a high level of consistency was essential for seeing a significant rise in lead numbers.

Used SEO strategies

Clearly, to create noticeable SEO gains, effective measures have to be put into place. This meant that digital professionals and online marketing strategists with knowledge in whatever transpires in the background of search engines needed to be recruited for this assignment.

What they finally decided to accomplish was comprised of the following elements:

Examining the possibility of the corporation acquiring a worldwide header and footer. The specialists went to the duty of building and properly developing a footer and a header for their clients’ website so that whenever Belden Brick launched new goods, the SEO business worked in conjunction with them to maintain the website appearing current and consistent at all times.

Creating a fresh lead generating campaign. The procedure includes exploitation of every potential to achieve a successful outcome for their customer. This involves the streamlining of the code as well as content of the full website, besides allowing greater overall site usability.


Within a shorter period of time than a year, the website was capable of turning an increased amount of traffic by more than 85 percent. Scalable outcomes were achieved as a consequence of TKG’s consistent efforts to adapt the web marketing approach that they had developed for their customer. Because of the improvement in the quality of the leads, there was also an increase in the number of repeat visits to the website.

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