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The Google Ads Management Services revolves around the following:


Account, keywords, audience, bidding, ad extension set up and management within 1 month


Acct, keywords, audience, bidding, merchant center, ad extension set up and management within 1 month


Account, keywords, audience, bidding, placements, ad extension set up and management within 1 month

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Get ready for the best Google Ads Management Service

I will setup and manage your google and youtube monthly ads with results…

I have Google certification for Search, Display, Shopping, Local Inventory ads, App Install, and Youtube Ads (certificate ID’s can be provided).

The first step is to set up an ad account and invite me (I’ll guide you through or do it for you). If you have one already, I’ll check the status, and optimize it.

Please note that anything related to pornography, politics, wars, and betting is a no-go area for me.

I would set up and manage your monthly PPC or PPV:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display (and smart display remarketing) campaign
  • Google Shopping (smart shopping as well)
  • Youtube ads either for channel engagement, brand awareness or click to website
  • App install for both ios and android, etc

Depending on our conclusions after the consultation session, I’ll recommend the best placement to get you the expected result.

Note: Your landing page quality plays a huge factor in terms of ad relevance and how well it would eventually perform. Thus, I’ll need the URL for a quick evaluation.

Kindly give me basic information about your target location, your product/service, and your proposed audience.


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