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Create a profitable Shopify Dropshipping Website


Set up a single product store with massive targeted sales


Set up a Niche store and sell numerous products in your niche


Set up a general store and sell from multiple niches


You can contact us for more information: admin@onlinestrategytips.com


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Create a business Shopify Dropshipping Website!

As an approved Shopify partner, I would create a top-selling dropshipping store for your business.

I would set it up with Aliexpress (oberlo, etc) if you want the products shipped from China. Epacket delivery system would be selected.

If you’re in the US and you want quick delivery, I have a platform I’ll use to connect with your store. This platform makes the products get delivered within 3-7working days. You can as well have the package branded with your brand name, etc.

Basic Gig: 1 specific product store set up with a premium theme, customization, and free logo. You can ask me for a top-selling product or you can decide on what product to focus on.

Standard Gig: A specific niche setup. For example, household goods, baby materials, health, and fitness, etc. A premium theme, customization, and free logo, with social media integrations.

Premium Gig: A general niche with top-selling products from each. For example, a store selling beard brushes, ring lights, car scanners, etc A premium theme, customization, and free logo, social media integrations, ads audience insight set up for Metaverse only. Note that ads management and ads on Google, etc would require a separate order.


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