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5 Reasons You need an SEO Strategy (for your small business growth)

5 Reasons You need an SEO Strategy (for your small business growth)

An seo strategy is crucial for a small business. Small business owners with working seo strategies and iterate optimization by an seo expert tend to achieve more success than those who don’t.

What is an SEO Strategy?

It is the iterate  process of  planning and implementing certain steps that are designed to improve a website’s ranking, and organic traffics. It is sometimes referred to as ” SEO approach.”

What is a small business?

A small business is a business/organization/company with fewer than 500 employees. They’re usually founded by one man/woman who is passionate about what he/she does. They consistently work hard to develop a unique product or service that is appealing to the general public. One typical core competency of a small business is that constant innovation and expansion of customer base.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is an iterative process of increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s a process that projects your website as one of the most authoritative and relevant source of information for your target audience, based on their search term.


Search engine optimization experts implement a variety of strategies to boost websites’ rankings. The most common techniques include, website optimization, optimizing your website’s content for search engine, and building authoritative backlinks.


These methods require a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and how they work.  Hence, the need for an SEO expert.


Who is an SEO Expert?

This is someone with good knowledge of how the search engine works, with practical experiences. Such an individual should have an  understanding of seo best practices .  Some businesses hire digital marketing agencies specifically for this purpose. Such individual or agency should be able to implement all of, or either of on-page seo, off-page seo, and technical seo.


Benefits of SEO Strategy to Small Businesses:

  1. Increases brand awareness and visibility
  2. Builds brand credibility
  3. Boosts organic traffic
  4. Gives you a competitive edge
  5. Boosts user experience


Increase brand awareness and visibility:

In a customer’s journey, the first stage a customer goes through before doing any business with an organization is the awareness stage. It is simply the first time a prospect gets to know about your business. Imagine if a prospect searches about something today on Google and finds your business. Let’s say 500 people searched for the same thing within a month and finds your business. Your business just gained 500 more impressions. If 200 out of the 500 people never knew about your business before searching on Google, you just had 200 prospects who are now aware of your business. Thus, your business was visible to over 200 people.

Build brand credibility:

There’s often a perception in the mind of online users when searching on Google. Almost everyone believes that whatever website/business shown on the search engine result page would definitely be a website or a business worthy of patronage. Guess what? 99.9% of the time, they are!

Boost organic traffic:

Running paid ads is good for quick results. What happens when you’re out of budget? You stop getting traffic except from referrals.

This is where SEO comes in. As long as you keep building helpful backlink and your content remains relevant, you’ll keep gaining traffic without paying for ads. This s typically called organic traffics.

Gives you a competitive edge:

With SEO, you’re better than a business or website owner who sits down hoping that someday customers would miraculously find them. If there are 10 business owner in a single location, and only one of them can be seen on Google map which one do you think would receive more visitors from search engine users in that locations? Yeah, you guessed right.

Furthermore, people who are searching for something are more likely ready to do business than people you keep knocking on the doors or putting your fliers/banners in the faces. This is the concept of inbound marketing.

Boosts user experience:

When users search and see your website URL, they most likely click and land on the page relevant to what they searched for. How would you feel when you’re looking for something and you found that specific thing? You feel satisfied. That’s how you keep customers; customer experience. Another scenario is a man looking for a plumber. He types his search query and sees a plumber, his address and phone number on the knowledge panel. This is a seamless action from the customer, and a new business for the plumber. A win-win. How wonderful!


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