Voice Over For Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Voice Over For Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide


After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To:
  • Get your body ready for a voice-over performance with a good warm-up
  • Present an emotional delivery and nail your client’s vision for their script every time
  • Avoid getting bored or hitting a low-energy slump when you’re in the studio
  • Deliver lists, numbers and addresses professionally, without becoming monotonous
  • Make efficient use of your time at the mic by developing five basic characters as the basis of your reads
  • Understand the principles of microphone technique and studio etiquette
  • Set up your own home studio from scratch with a closet booth
  • Perform a live recording, add music to your project and place audio into a video
  • Design and record your own professional demo
  • Manage your own vocal health with expert techniques

What You Will Learn

  • Background and helpful facts about the voice over industry to help you find your niche
  • How to “speak to one person” as a targeting technique
  • How to break down the delivery components of your voice-over performance
  • Techniques to stay coachable, flexible, and keep your reads more interesting
  • How to change your talking speed and use elongation for a greater impact
  • How to use tongue twisters to eliminate tension and boost coordination
  • How to use use feedback as an opportunity to collaborate with your client


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